American Expats in the UK: Tips, Testimony and Guidance

About 200,000 Americans are living all over the United Kingdom – most in the capital city of London, England.  With both countries having such close ties to each other, it makes sense that thousands choose the UK as home. I personally lived in South London for about three years with my dual-citizen husband, and we […]

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6 Benefits of Living Abroad for a Year (or More!)

Whether you plan to be living abroad for a year or hope to be an expat more permanently, there are endless benefits to trying out a new place. People worldwide will leave their ‘home country’ to experience other cultures, enjoy new job opportunities, study abroad or simply change their lifestyle. Not only is it exciting, […]

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I left my country! And now what do I do?

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How do I keep the contact with my friends and make new ones? During several moments in the life of a nomad, expat, digital nomad or just a continuous traveler, we find ourselves submerged in effective memories. It’s normal to feel this way. I believe that what surrounds us is the thoughts of how to […]

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