Cultural heritage inscribed on the skin

When I first saw pictures of Frank greeting some well-known Czech personalities a very traditional, yet unusual manner, my curiosity led me to contact him to ask a question: How on Earth, did Czech and Māori cultures connect? Frank Tomas Grapl Junior is calling himself MāoriAvian or CzechoMaor (or for Czechs: Maoravak). This is a […]

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I left my country! And now what do I do?

friendship, traveling, travel, friendshipday, croatia, international

How do I keep the contact with my friends and make new ones? During several moments in the life of a nomad, expat, digital nomad or just a continuous traveler, we find ourselves submerged in effective memories. It’s normal to feel this way. I believe that what surrounds us is the thoughts of how to […]

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Purple Economy

Have you heard of the Purple Economy? The term has been used to define several different sections of the economy, but the definition I like is that it refers to the adaptation of the economy to human diversity in globalization and valuing the cultural aspects of goods and services. Well, this is exactly what we […]

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