KITnDO is a community-driven platform on mission to help people with foreign roots to discover local connections to their culture(s). This can be useful for expats, locally born people whose parents or grand-parents were immigrants or to anyone who wants to discover a new culture without travelling abroad.

KITnDO is a web app, accessible directly in your browser. To start, pick a country of origin and indicate your geolocation to display places such as restaurants, shops, cultural institutions, schools, service providers, and more, linked to this specific country of origin.

Unlike Facebook groups, where the information is unorganized, clustered by one country of origin and shared in native languages, KITnDO pulls everything into an easily digestible directory. Plus, you can simply change the country of origin anytime you want.

Because it is a community based platform, anyone can be a contributor by adding new places or sharing own pictures and reviews. You can also earn rewards for being an active member of the community.

KITnDO offers more visibility to professionals directly in front of their target audience. They can edit their business page and access basic data via the business owners’ interface.