Let’s help us to grow!

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. Certainly, for many of you, 2020 was a challenging year in many aspects. Personally, I feel incredibly lucky that my family, close friends, and I have all remained healthy. I can’t say the same for the rest of my plans, impacted by the pandemic.

Development of KITnDO platform suddenly has been put on hold. We lost much needed investment opportunities that would have aided in growing it. In New York, just one week before all businesses closed their doors, I shot a video for a crowdfunding campaign, which ultimately, I decided to postpone. On a personal level, I had to make a life changing decision to move back to Europe. But what I learned from this year is to not give up and to keep our eyes set to a brighter future. And also, that we must reinvent ourselves.

Thus, I am very motivated to push KITnDO further. A limited ability to travel opens whole new opportunities to expand the reach of our platform. Besides its main mission to empower people with foreign roots, KITnDO can be useful to anyone who looks to discover another culture without crossing borders. Plus, after essentially serving Slovak, Czech and French communities in New York, we’re ready to develop KITnDO geographically and culturally.

If you would like to help anyway you can on this purposeful project, I would be extremely thankful. Please, help us to finish 2020 with a wave of positive energy!

Here is how you can support KITnDO:

–  First, you can spread the word about the platform by sharing its link and you can also follow us on IG and FB and repost our posts.

– Second, you can be a contributor. Add new places to our directory or share your pictures to already listed ones. Show your appreciation for local businesses by writing a review.

– Finally, if you have the ability to help financially, you can now support our crowdfunding campaign! No amount is too small (or too big ;-)) and you can choose from attractive rewards too.

By the way, I decided to run KITnDO campaign on IFundWomen, specialized in helping women entrepreneurs raise funds for their company. Link to our campaign page: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/kitndo

              Thank you very much for all your support and stay safe!

Martina Hornakova, Founder of KITnDO

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Platform that helps people to empower their cultural background through local connections and the community

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